Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Dolphins day - 4 different species sighted!

Dolphin day today! Such a fantastic morning with three different species of dolphins. Our first sighting were the bottlenose dolphins. A nice group mainly with adults and juveniles, some of them jumping very high. Several meters high! Do you know that this species is the one most often kept in the aquariums? Amazing to see these animals wild and free, much better than in a pool! 

Then we saw plenty of striped dolphins and common dolphins, and both group with a lot of baby dolphins! Even newborns! 

Striped were travelling, as usual, quite fast and jumping out of the water. Beautiful to see!

We managed to see, particularly in the common dolphins, even dolphins with the foetal folds, so they were just a few days old. 

Marine Biologist Rafael Marins takes plastic rope out of the ocean

In the afternoon we started with a different species that we hadn't seen in the morning - Risso's dolphins

They were very calm at the surface and staying up for a long time near our boats. At times they almost seemed to be bowriding, which is not a common behaviour for Risso's dolphins. We managed to see them really well and it was easy to see how white the older adults are. 

A bit further offshore our lookout had seen some beaked whales, but no matter how long we waited for them to resurface, we never managed to see them from our boats. It is often the case with beaked whales who spend up to 96% of their time underwater and are very difficult to encounter. 

Nevertheless we had some groups of common dolphins out there to see, so we ended up having another nice encounter to finish off the afternoon.

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