Wednesday, June 26, 2019

More than 500 dolphins in just one day in São Miguel island

During both tours today we encountered large groups of dolphins, the day started with striped dolphins, a large group of about 150 individuals of all sizes and ages, all traveling together like a big dolphin stampede. 

Closer inshore we had bottlenose dolphins, a smaller group in comparison, with around 30 individuals which we got to see really well. 

The final dolphin species in the morning was the Atlantic spotted dolphin, only our second sighting of the year of this summer visitor. The spotted dolphins were very active, surfing the waves around our boat in large numbers.

In the afternoon we started with a large group of common dolphins. There were probably about 200-300 dolphins in this group and they were very playful around our boats. Then suddenly, they started travel quickly in unison, behaving very much like striped dolphins typically do.


We did end up seeing striped dolphins in the afternoon too, together with another large group of common dolphins. The two species were in the same area together. It was a big pod of both species, which at times must have reached about 500 individuals, in the vicinity of our boats.

What a great dolphin day! 

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