Monday, June 3, 2019

Sighting statistics May 2019

May was a good month, only 3 days we could not go out.

We observed five different species of dolphins. 
Our number one was again the Common dolphin which we saw almost every day. Followed by the Bottlenose dolphins which were our second most sighted. 
We managed to see Striped dolphins on five days and two times the Risso’s dolphins and even on one day the Short-finned pilot whales

The Sperm whales were scarce at the beginning of the month but the last two weeks we enjoyed them on every tour. 

This month we had two beaked whale sightings and one of them was a quite rare species: ​ A mother and a calf of True’s beaked whales
May was an excellent month to follow the baleen whales. We could register 5 different species like the rare Minke whale

Especially the acrobatic Humpback whales were delighting everybody.

The Fin and Blue whales were passing more in the first half of the month and the Sei whales in the second half.

Let’s see what June will bring us! Join us ;) 

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