Friday, June 14, 2019

Sperm whales everywhere!

 Today in the morning, we went again really far from Ponta Delgada, the animals are wild and we don't choose where they are so we went to see them.


Remains of a squid, the favourite snack of sperm whales

It was a big male sperm whale that was in a area of female sperm whales, we saw also the females. Then on get way back we spotted a group of bottlenose dolphin and they make us go to lunch with a smile in our face.

Foto: Iñaki Cabo

In the afternoon, we went to another area closer than the sperm whale area from the morning. We found a group of striped dolphins with their tipycal behaviour, jumping and tavelling all time. 

Then we could see another male sperm whale, this was alone, as we know male sperm whales are solitary and they share moments with females when they go for reproduction. 

This sperm whale was doing shallow dive constantly, but we were lucky and a group of bottlenose dolphin brought us to the sperm whale, and with all dolphins around the sperm whale decided to go for a feeding dive showing the tail. 

Common tern with prey

Full of animals here out of Sāo Miguel yeaaah. Do you want to join us

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