Sunday, June 23, 2019

The first Atlantic Spotted Dolphins of the year!

We still have some wind on the island of São Miguel but the animals are very happy to have some waves where they can play. Each boat had a different experience in the morning. 

All boats began their day with a very active group of bottlenose dolphins. One of the groups appeared to be mating, we hope to see the outcome of this action next year. The sea was with some waves and our lookouts had some troubles looking out, so the boats moved away from each other to increase the likelihood of finding new species. 

Our zodiac boats found a large group of striped dolphins who were enjoying themselves immensely in the course and suddenly .... BLOWWWW! The Sei Whale ripped the surface of the water in a hurry and only let us see it dorsal once. Our Catamaran "4 ventos" still managed to see twice the breath and body of this whale and our catamaran "Cetus" found something special .... THE FIRST ATLANTIC SPOTTED DOLPHINS OF THE YEAR!

In the afternoon we managed to see another group of bottlenose dolphins closer to the shore. And furthermore, two unusual "blue" species: a blue marlin and a blue shark! 
Let's see what we find tomorrow ;)

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