Thursday, July 18, 2019

Incredible day with 6 different species

This morning we had nice weather conditions and we saw the reflection of the sun on the wet dorsal fins of the pilot whales already from far away. There were in total around 70 short-finned pilot whales in the area because our other boats were with another subgroup. 


Some boats were also coming across striped dolphins travelling fast in the morning and in the afternoon all boats met the striped dolphins which were this time in the company of the common dolphins and schools of fish. 

We even got more excited when we saw the shadows of 3 Sei whales through the water and shortly after the came up to breath and we got a great observation of a migratory species in the middle of summer which is always a lot of luck. 


When we started heading back, we made another quick stop to watch two sperm whales also already through the water surface as one was belly up and we sighted the clearer part of its underside. So, we managed to wait for them to come back to the surface before they went for a mid-water dive and we back to the harbour after a successful day.

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