Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Mirrored waters, sperm whale breaching, turtles and many dolphins

Beautiful morning again full of sperm whales and dolphins! This month of July has been incredibly good to see our resident whales. It's being amazing not only because we find them close to the island, but also they have beautiful and natural behaviour. In the morning, for example, we saw a baby jumping calling for its mother, but we also waited until the mother arrived and it was the one we call "Orca"!

Apart from Orca and her baby lots of sperm whales were around and also a group of around 10 beaked whales and a large group of common dolphins. They were seen both from observation and swimming boats.


 Turtles today were also very present relaxing in the sun.

During the afternoon we had a lot of sun and was very hot, so always remember to bring with a lot of sunscreen, a bottle of water and fresh fruit. We went to the east side of the island, in front of the Ribeira Quente where we met again our friend Orca (the same sperm whale we saw in the morning). We were waiting to see her tail when two more sperm whales appeared next to her. It's always a surprise! As we prepared to leave the group the baby of our Orca appeared, in a hurry to get close to his mother. It was a great time to meet again after a long dive.


When we got back, we still found a large group of Risso’s dolphins. In the middle of the group we also noticed two very small heads... Two new-borns close to their mothers! What a summer afternoon!


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