Saturday, July 20, 2019

Sperm whales and bottlenose dolphins jumping out from the water!

On Saturday morning we went out to an area where our lookouts saw several individuals of sperm whale which dived at mid water. 

We had to wait a little bit to see the first sperm whale, but then we realised that they were 6 close to the boat, and some in the distance.

One of them breached further away and one of the group of six answered breaching several times. After while they went for a dive and the adults showed us their tails.

In the afternoon we met "Orca" again like in the morning but this time we saw her twice with a calf. So in total we saw her fluke three times and we also recognised Tonga, another sperm whale that belongs to our catalog of Sperm whales identified by photo-ID. We came across one individual surrounded by a plastic barrel and some plastics pieces. It was a really sad sight, but fortunately it wasn't entangled. Suddenly one of our guests screamed  "Dolphin! " and bottlenose dolphins arrived near to that sperm whale.

 We could see this dolphins very active,they were jumping splashing at people in the boat. One which jumped repeatedly had two remoras attached on its body.

Bottlenose dolphin with remora

Another fantastic day! Let's see tomorrow!

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