Friday, July 19, 2019

Sperm Whales breaching as well as common and Risso's dolphins

In the morning we saw a big sperm whale, the same as in the afternoon, since male sperm whales are solitary. But several miles out we could see a group of female sperm whales, and we could see the difference between males and females. Males can get up to 19 meters and females can get up to 12 meters in length.

Also, we spotted another resident species, a group common dolphins.

The afternoon was magnificent and full of surprises! We started very close to home with a very friendly group of common dolphins who were moving really fast to the west. Our lookout was able to find some beautiful Risso's dolphins full of scars and marks... 

Until we heard a scream on the radio! Our biologist Rafael using the hydrophone found a great male sperm whale that enchanted us with a magnificent tail! Thank you, zodiac boys, for the sperm whale! 



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