Tuesday, July 9, 2019

We witnessed 2 sperm whale births

Today we had a blessed morning... sun, calm ocean and the birth of 2 sperm whales!

We came to the area where our lookout observed a lot of movement in the water and we noticed that the water had a reddish hue and the sperm whales were touching and rolling over each other. We stayed and tried to figure out what was going on. 
Then we saw a very little head appeared in the surface ... A BABY Sperm Whale! We were not the only ones to be surprised... we also had a group of bottlenose dolphins "fighting" for our attention with acrobatic jumps and swimming near our bow. 

In order to give a little privacy to the new baby we moved away from the area and went to see the bottlenose dolphins. When we went to make our farewell to the baby we noticed that they were already 2! How wonderful! 

We then left the area and finished our morning trip with common dolphins with many small babies. It was a morning dedicated to the babies of our waters.

Another of our boats saw even some bottlenose playing with a sunfish. Not sure if the sunfish like it, but the dolphins did for sure! 

In the afternoon we saw again a very active group of bottlenose dolphins. Amazing animals with incredible jumps again. Then we needed to travel much further away from the coast, but without any doubt, it worth it! We saw at least 10 sperm whales, with tails, with heads out of the water, socialising, and playing with each other. It was a long trip, but definitely, it was a very good one!

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