Tuesday, August 20, 2019

30 Pilot whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and even a hammerhead shark

Finally, we went back to the sea! We headed to the big blue ocean with a lot of energy after those days of bad weather. Our first stopped was an area where our lookouts found common dolphins socializing and jumping. 

Afterwards, we continued and suddenly on the radio, some of our boats were warning the others because they spotted a special species... Quickly all the boats arrived at this area and yes, they were there! One of our seasonal species: the short-finned pilot whale. We could see a group of 30 individuals and also a newborn among them on which we observed the birthmarks.


During the observation of these beautiful pilot whales, we started to see a rather different dorsal fin, but we couldn´t see very well what it was between the waves and the pilot whales. Then it started to approach and we saw it... A hammerhead shark!! This amazing shark remained close to us at least 5 minutes, so it allowed our guest to enjoy it very well.

Photo by Ramona Negulescu

Photo by Ramona Negulescu

In the afternoon the day was darker and the sea was wavy but we still manage to see two species of our resident dolphins. The common dolphins were our first star! It was a small group that unfortunately were not very interested in the boats, although they still showed up close enough to the boasts some time making it possible to see their beautiful hour-glass pattern. We continued the tour and a big group of bottlenose dolphins appeared. The group was all together playing around by surfing the waves.

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