Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A rare moment: 4 sperm whales dived at the same time

We enjoyed another amazing summer day in São Miguel today!
This morning we passed our sighting average with four different cetaceans species:
common dolphin, some shy bottlenose dolphin, curious Atlantic spotted dolphin and our resident whale, the sperm whale!

This afternoon we still encountered good weather conditions and a lot of sperm whales showed their tail and the seasonal Atlantic spotted dolphins were playing between them around us. 

Other boats had other experiences but the sperm whales were playing the lead in all stories. One highlight was 4 tails seen together when a group of socialising females with their offspring decided to go synchronised for a deep-sea dive.

The bottlenose dolphins in the afternoon were also a delight when they approached the boat and some leapt. So day after day we are collecting beautiful experiences.



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