Saturday, September 14, 2019

Today the dolphins were in a fest together with seabirds

This morning we were very lucky with the weather because the sea was very calm!

We started our trip with a group of very energetic common dolphins who were interacting a lot with our boat...They came to our bow playing with the waves and pushing each other to catch the best wave.

We headed west and found an area with thousands of cory's shearwater! Do you know what was under these seabirds? Hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins eating large fish balls. We could feel the intense smell of fish from our boats!

We often use seabirds to find dolphins, as they feed on the same type of fish. In this large group of Atlantic spotted dolphins, we also saw lots of babies and many dolphins mating... it may be that for the next year the group is even larger!

Exactly the same things happened in the afternoon.
We could say that today the dolphins were in a fest.
Common dolphins, Atlantic spotted dolphins and our best friend, the seabirds were feeding.

And for the first time this year, we saw black-headed gull together with the dolphins.
We love the seabirds when we see a lot of them flying in the same area means that there are fish.

Photos by Inês Coelho:

So then also could be some predators, not only dolphins but also is possible to be some sharks, tunas, marlins or whales.

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