Whale and dolphin watching is the principal activity that Futurismo offers in São Miguel Island, Azores. Year-round we organise daily trips of about three hours each. We give you the possibility of booking a morning tour or afternoon tour on one of our different types of vessels. All our tours are preceded by a briefing in which one of Futurismo's marine biologists explains the historical background of whale hunting and its conversion to whale watching. The briefing also includes information about species which may be sighted, rules of observation and respect and safety aboard. During a whale watching tour there is always a chance of seeing many other marine species such as turtles, shark, rays and seabirds (mainly Cory's shearwaters, Great shearwaters, Common terns and yellow legged seagulls). For more information on the best time of the year to see specific whale and dolphin species click HERE.

The morning tour boats depart at 09.00 and 09:30 and are back by lunch. The afternoon tours depart at 13.30 and 14:00 and are back about 3 hours later.

Click HERE to see some of our whale watching photos.

Swimming with dolphins is a wonderful way to visit the dolphins in their natural habitat. This activity is carried out in small groups using one of our zodiac boats. Before the boat leaves one of our marine biologists gives a briefing to explain how the swimming is done while respecting the dolphins. Futurismo provides the mask, snorkel and wetsuit so that all you need to bring is a towel and your camera.  As you enter the water you are surrounded by clear blue water and you have the opportunity of watching the dolphins gracefully glide by. You can watch them as well as hear them, a beautiful memory that is guaranteed to stay with you.

Click HERE to see some of our photos from Swimming with dolphins.

In the late afternoon, when the sun starts lowering towards the horizon Futurismo gives you the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of the sea and coast during a relaxed boat tour aboard our comfortable catamaran. On this trip of about two hours we follow the west coast of the island until we reach Mosteiros and its wonderful islets and lava formations. Here you can enjoy the sunset while tasting a selection Azorean wines and cheeses.

*** This activity is only available during the summer season due to the schedule of Vila Franca Islet. The Islet is typically open to the public between June 15th and September 15th, but please contact us if you would like more information about this schedule ***

A full day tour starts in Ponta Delgada at 09:00 am with a whale watching tour of about three hours. After the whale watching we go to Vila Franca do Campo and eat lunch at a local restaurant with a view over the harbour and the islet. You have the option of different dishes of locally caught fresh of fish of the day or a meat dish (a vegetarian option is also available on request), and a drink and coffee. After lunch we go to Ilhéu de Vila Franca (Vila Franca Islet) by boat where you have the opportunity to snorkel in the crater lagoon or simply relax on the islet. Futurismo provides snorkeling equipment for you to use. At the islet there are a lot of flowers, birds, crabs, fish and a few curious lizards to see. Several birds are nesting here, like the common tern and Cory´s shearwater, but also rock pigeons, buzzards and gulls. The islet is an natural reserve that is protected and therefore the number of people that can visit the islet each day is limited. 

Click HERE to see some photos from a Full Day tour.

Futurismo provides a range of walking tours (half day and full day) with varied difficulty levels and schedules to suit all levels of practice. Guests can visit the countryside and/or coastline passing by lakes, waterfalls, hot water springs, mountains, forests, ancient volcano craters, old roads and wild beauty. A guided walking tour is the perfect way to enjoy the endemic fauna and flora of the Azores. 

Trekking is also available in our programs. The highest mountain in Portugal is the famous Pico mountain (located on Pico Island in the Azores), with a height of 2,435 m. At the top of the mountain trekkers can observe and enjoy the amazing view over the other four islands around Pico. This is a challenging but astonishing experience! 
Walking fans will be amazed with these rich and uncommon exeriences!

Click HERE to see some of our photos from walking tours and jeep safaris

Jeep safaris help the visitor to get to know the islands from a different perspective and with plenty adventure. Futurismo offers a variety of tours that pass some of the main attractions as well as several off-road tracks. Our experienced nature guides will enhance your experience on the islands. Half and full day trips are available in the areas of Sete Cidades, Lagoa do Fogo, Furnas and Nordeste.

Futurismo's bike tours are led by a specialised guide and are a great way to get to know the island. We offer a variety of experiences that give you the chance to explore the sealed back roads of São Miguel Island, from the top of the volcanoes to the coastline. Futurismo's bike tours are suitable for all levels of fitness.

The Azorean archipelago is of volcanic origin and in many locations it is possible to detect traces of recent eruptions. We offer a variety of experiences, he winding landscape is characteristic and unique and the volcanic activity has created a scenery covered by varied and dense vegetation.

Many beautiful natural features can be seen, including wide lakes found in crater valleys, hot springs,  fumaroles,  lava tunnels, waterfalls and mountains that contrast with the fields and cultivated areas. Futurismo organises walking tours accompanied by a geologist where different locations of geological interest can be visited.

Concerning guests’ preferences Futurismo has prepared mixed tours so that people can enjoy both land and sea. For instance guests can do whale watching in the morning and a jeep safari or a walking tour in the afternoon.We can also prepare tours and packages specially created for guests preferences.

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