You are more then welcome to share your videos with us. Simply write a comment and link to your videos from your experiences with Futurismo.
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Videos from 2015

Magical time with bottlenose dolphins

Videos from 2014

Best of 2014

Blue whales and fin whales in sync

Humpback whale breaching

False killer whales underwater

Plenty of fin whales calm on the surface

Videos from 2013
The Best of 2013

Beaked whales breaching (very rare)

Bryde's whale

Sperm whale lobtailing

Fin whales

False killer whale

Blue whale

Eye to eye with orcas in March

Common dolphins close to our boat, looking into camera

Videos from 2012
The Best of 2012

Curious sperm whale calf close to the boat

The sperm whale male "Mr Liable" diving

Blue whale underwater

Spotted dolphins looking at the propeller

Humpback whale under the boat

Common dolphins bowriding our catamaran

Sperm whale calf underwater

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