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Since  2013 Futurismo is partner with the World Cetacean Alliance (WCA). This coalition was launched on world ocean day, June 8th 2013. The WCA is made up of more than 30 NGO's whale watch operators and individuals coming together to create one powerful voice for the world's whales and dolphins. Please read more on the WCA website and see how you can help our efforts.

In 2013 Futurismo joined Whale Watch International (formerly known as the Responsible Whale Watch Partnership. This partnership is a powerful coalition of individuals, businesses and organisations working together towards best practice and sustainability in whale and dolphin watching tourism. Futurismo is making the commitment to work towards responsible and sustainable whale watching and protecting the marine environment. Please review your tour with us on our planet whale page.

Fodor's travel intelligence lists the Azores as one of the 25 best places to travel on their "go list 2013".  Fodor's describes the Azores as a lush, volcanic archipelago that is renowned for its world-class whale watching, hot mineral springs and quaint seaside towns.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine considered the Azores as the 2nd best islands destination in the world for sustainable tourism. The Azores was also regarded as the 8th best summer destination for 2011.

Budget Traveler magazine rated the Azores as one of the best budget destinations in 2012.

Visão magazine elected the Azores as one of the 15 must-visit destinations in 2012. This choice was based on the highlights of World Travel Market in London.

National Geographic Traveler Magazine acknowledged the Azores as one of the 50 best tours to take in Europe in a lifetime in 2012.

Futurismo awards and events

On March 15-16th 2014 Futurismo was present again at WhaleFest in Brighton, England. This is the world's largest festival dedicated to whales and dolphins. We joined together with other whale watchers, scientists, artists, musicians and interested individuals. As in 2012 we sponsored the virtual whale watching tours to educate the public about responsible whale watching. See more information and photos of the event HERE.

"The Long Swim to Freedom" campaign. On March 14th 2014 we gathered on the waterfront in Brighton, England to release a life-sized inflatable orca into the wild to symbolise our endless fight to release real orcas like Morgan into the wild. This event was the lead up to Whalefest 2014 at the Hilton Metropole in Brighton where in 1982 governments from around the world gathered to suspend commercial whaling. See our video HERE and a BBC news report HERE.

This year, for the second year in a row, Futurismo was present at the International Whale Watch Conference during November 4th and 5th followed by the World Whale Conference on November 6th and 7th in Gloucester, Massachusetts. One of our marine biologists was present, working together with other whale watch operators, NGO's and passionate individuals for the protection of whales and dolphins and the environment in which they live. To read more click HERE.

June 8th 2013 was World Ocean Day. This day marked a very important event for the world's cetaceans: the World Cetacean Alliance was launched. Futurismo is one of the many businesses and charities that have joined forces in this new partnership for whales and dolphins. To see the press release click HERE.

On June 8th 2013 Futurismo celebrated World Ocean Day in Portas do Mar, Ponta Delgada. We invited two local artists to paint two whale models to raise public awareness of ocean conservation. Futurismo's biologists presented their scientific research and educational material used for our whale watching tours. Children were also invited to paint their own ocean-related artworks. This event was filmed by Telejornal Açores and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

From April 8th to 12th of 2013 Futurismo's marine biologists were present at the ECS (European Cetacean Society) conference in Setúbal, Portugal. We presented 3 scientific posters relating to our work on baleen whales (blue whale, fin whale, sei whale, humpback whale and Bryde's whale) in São Miguel. This annual event brings together a large number of cetacean scientists from universities, research institutions, organisations, non-profit groups and whale watching companies. For more click HERE.

In 2012 Futurismo attended Whalefest in Brighton, England.  This event is the biggest celebration of wild whales and dolphins for all those interested in protecting cetaceans and making whale watching more sustainable. Futurismo was the sponsor of the "virtual whale watching", an indoor tour aimed at demonstrating how to operate an educational and sustainable tour. Here we also signed the "Save the whales reloaded" campaign that was launched at the festival.

Futurismo was awarded the "Best active tourism company in Portugal 2011" by the newspaper "publituris". This award of distinction recognises the valuable services that the company has carried out over the past years. Our award shows that we have made a strong investment in tourism activities and services in the Azores.

On July 17th 2012 Futurismo was present at the first ever "Red bull cliff diving" world series in the Azores. The event took place at the beautiful islet of Vila Franca and Futurismo's catamaran was there with several film crew and journalists (and later the athletes) aboard.

In March 2011 Futurismo gave a special presentation at the University of the Azores in São Miguel. This presentation to the Entrepreneurship class was focused on how Futurismo has developed as a business and how we integrate research into our whale watching tours.

2011, March 9-11: ITB Berlin Convention in Berlin, Germany.

ITB Berlin is the world's leading travel trade show in which many tour operators, destinations, booking systems, carriers, hotels and other suppliers are present.

2011: ATWS in Chiapas, Mexico

In 2001 Futurismo attended the Adventure Travel World Summit in Chiapas, Mexico. It was the Adventure Travel Trade Association's eighth summit which attracted an assembly of around 600 adventure tourism professionals.

2010: Tour Natur in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Tour Natur is the biggest world fair of hiking. Futurismo was one of the 275 exhibitors participating in this event which attracted around 40,000 people.

2010: Fitur in Madrid, Spain.
Futurismo attended this International Tourism Trade Fair which many tour operators, travel agencies, carrier companies, hotels and travel media attend each year.

2009: ATWS 2009 in Quebéc, Canada
In 2009 tour operators, industry partners, marketing organisations and media gathered in Quebec for the annual Adventure Travel Trade Association Summit. Futurismo was the tour operator representing the Azores at this summit that brought together trusted nature-based adventure travel tour operators from 42 countries.

Futurismo's research has contributed to several publications and scientific posters. Our marine biologists have also had the chance to attend international conferences such the European Cetacean Society (ECS). The following is a list of publications using data collected aboard Futurismo's boats during whale and dolphin watching tours:

Fernandez, M. and Azevedo, J.M.N. Modelling the Distribution of Cetaceans using Opportunistic Presence-only data in S.Miguel Island, Azores. 25th Conference of the European Cetecean Society, Cádiz, Spain, 21-23 March 2011. 

González, L.G., van der Linde, M.L., Sardà, C., Torres-Palenzuela, J. (2014). Assessing the distribution of the Atlantic spotted dolphin in the Azores. European Association of Aquatic Mammals Conference, Tenerife, Spain, 14-17 March 2014.

González, L.G., Sardà, C., van der Linde, M.L. Blue whales passing around Azores. 27th Conference of the European Cetecean Society, Setúbal, Portugal, 8-12 April 2013.

González, L.G., Torres, J., Troncoso, J. Predictive Modelling Map of the Most Favorable Observation Zones for Azorean Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) According to Depth, Slope and Sea Surface Temperature. 2nd Advanced International Summer School on Geotechnologies applied to Climate Change and Coastal Environmental Planning. Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal 5-11 August 2012.

González, L.G., Torres, J., Troncoso, J. Distribution of Sperm Whales (Physeter macrocephalus) off the South Coast of São Miguel, Azores: the Relationship between Bathymetry, Slope and Bottom Aspect. Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society, Galway, Ireland, 26-28 March 2012.

González, L.G. Distribución de Cachalotes (Physeter macrocephalus) en la Costa Sur de la Isla de São Miguel, Azores: Relación con la Batimetría, la Pendiente y la Orientación del Fondo. International Simposio in Marine Science, Cádiz, Spain, 24-27 January 2012.

González, L.G. 2012. Distribución Espacio-temporal del Delfín común, Delfín mular y Cachalote en la Costa Sur de la Isla de São Miguel, Azores: Modelado Predictivo de Zonas Favorables para la Observación. Unpublished Masters Thesis for Biodiversity and Ecosystems Master Degree. Univseridade de Vigo, Vigo, Spain.

González, L.G. 2011. Distribución de Cachalotes (Physeter macrocephalus) en la Cosa Sur de la Isla de São Miguel, Azores: Relación con la Profundidad, la Pendiente y la Orientación del Fondo. Unpublished Masters Thesis for Oceanography Master Degree. Univseridade de Vigo, Vigo, Spain.

Ramos, A.A.P. 2001. Contribuição para a Caracterização de Cachalotes (Physeter macrocephalus) Avistados em São Miguel: Fotoidentificação e Análise Molecular. Unpublished Relatório final de Licenciatura Curso de Biologia, Ramo Biologia Marinha. Universidade dos Açores. Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

Sardà, C., González, L.G., van der Linde, M.L. Temporal Distribution of the Most Sighted Baleen Whales in the Azores: Fin whales (Balaenoptera physalus) and Sei whales (Balaenoptera borealis). 27th Conference of the European Cetecean Society, Setúbal, Portugal, 8-12 April 2013.

Sardà, C., Fernandez, M., Parker, M. Soley, R., Azevedo, J.M.N. Azores Photo-ID: First Results from an Open-Access Photo-identification Catalog. 25th Conference of the European Cetecean Society, Cádiz, Spain, 21-23 March 2011.

van der Linde, M.L., González, L.G., Sardà, C. Baleen Whales Sighted Ocassionaly in the Azores: Bryde's Whale, Minke Whale and Humpback Whale. 27th Conference of the European Cetecean Society, Setúbal, Portugal, 8-12 April 2013.

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